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Micro Piling

Pin Piles - 100mm and 150mm in Diameter

Allpile staff have extensive experience in the construction of Pin Piles as a means of unpinning structures whether for domestic, utility or industrial applications.

We offer a limited access and limited head room service on any project where access might be limited to the width of a wheel barrow.

Pile loads in the range of 40kN to 100kN can be achieved.

As this equipment is small and can be man handled it is well suited for basement work, confined aspect projects or front porch extensions.

In locations where high column loads are required and our small tracked rigs cannot gain access, we can offer a multi pin pile group to accommodate the engineers requirements.

Send us an email or give us a call - speak to our experts in Romford on 01268 711 611 or our Wigan office on 01257 253472 / 01257 368 515.

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